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Dry January: couple who quit drinking alcohol are slimmer, healthier and have more energy now; you can go sober, too


SCMP, Jan 2022

"'As weird as it feels not drinking, I’m happy with this lifestyle change. For a long time I thought I had to add to my life to make it better, but what I really needed was to take something away.'"


High Sobriety: 13 non-alcoholic spirits, beer and wine for booze-free sips

Lifestyle Asia, Jan 2022

"Whatever your reasons might be for not imbibing, that’s still no reason not to enjoy whatever it is you are drinking..."


Tested: Alcohol-Free Beers, Spirits and More


A Foodie World, Jan 2022

"We have recently noticed a quiet explosion of alcohol-free beer availability in HK. The key is finding a good one, and there are some crackers out there.


Best online delivery services for wine, spirits, and beer in Hong Kong


Localiiz, Jan 2022

"Sure, this is a list about the best delivery options in Hong Kong for booze, but for those who wish to imbibe without the alcohol content, Sipfree is here to offer you the best of everything non-alcoholic.


Dry January: could you go without alcohol for a month? It would help you lose weight, look better and save money


SCMP, Dec 2021

"You don’t realise what a daily habit it has become until you stop doing it.


The rise of non-alcoholic spirits in Asia

Retail in Asia, October 2021

"Drinking habits have changed in Hong Kong... (Sipfree) curates a selection of artisanal non-alcoholic beers, spirits and sparkling wines from around the world, focusing on small, independent and craft brands." 


Tried & Tested: 5 booze-free beverages


Expat Living, May 2021

“Overall, we enjoyed all the drinks we tried. They really lend themselves to summer drinks – fun jugs of pretty cocktails for sipping by the pool, on a junk, or at the beach. All the flavour but without the booze!”


Non-alcoholic beer and low-alcohol beer are a trend among drinkers who choose a healthier lifestyle or don’t want to get drunk


South China Morning Post, April 2021

“'...there’s a lot of public pressure to drink beer. If you have a non-alcoholic beer you almost feel you are taking part. Maybe you don’t emphasise the fact there’s no alcohol in it.' 


5 Little Things we Love - May 2022



Hong Kong Madame, May 2020

"Gone are the times when not drinking alcohol (for whatever reason) meant your only option was to go for a coke.


Sipfree brings low and no drinks to HK


The Drinks Business, March 2020

"(Sipfree) hope to bring some quality beverage alternatives to the market, so that drinkers can still socialise without compromising the flavour.”